Hubby: "I'm gonna buy a tractor, o.k?"
Me: "Yeah. What are you going to do with it?"
Hubby: "I'm gonna dig holes."
Me: "What are you going to do after you dig the holes?"
Hubby: "Fill 'em back up."

Today on The Farm...

Typically we are too busy this time of the year to even think about conquering indoor projects, but the weather has been cold and wet and downright yucky lately. Since I'm stuck inside, I decided to start working on another window project. After putting in so much time and effort on the other windows, I really thought this was the end of my restoration career. No really. The thought of another project that drags on and on for what seems like forever is like...ugh. I really had no desire to tackle another window project. At least not for a long while. But until the weather gets nicer, I'm staying busy indoors. Besides, this antique window is small but so full of character and rustic charm. It makes me smile. Once I get done with it, I just know this lil' window will perfectly adorn the wall of the guest bathroom.

antique window

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