My husband and I moved to Tennessee in 2013 after living in Alaska for 40 years. I've written about our journey from point A to point T, but after landing in Tennessee we were plumb worn out; so worn out that I even took a break from journaling. I shouldn't have. After being absent for a month, I craved that porthole between brain and keyboard. A place where I could unload, defrag, and reboot - then put my big girl panties on, step into my duck boots, and find balance again. Now, 4 years later, here I am to tell you all about The Farm and how it changed my life. How it changed me. Lessons learned. And lessons that I am still learning.

While I'm not busy on The Farm, I enjoy Web Development. I bought my first computer in 1988 and I was instantly intrigued with back-end computer coding. I've been coding and journaling ever since. I've built, owned, and operated many Websites, but this particular Website has become an imperfect, simple place for me to empty my thoughts. A place where family and friends can go to to catch up. A place to share my new world. Therapy really. Happy therapy.

In summary: I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a professional Web Developer, a farmer, and a misfit at times. I am blessed with five wonderful children and three amazing grandchildren. I enjoy family, Web development, photography, gardening, hiking, and many other things.

My name is Wendy.


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